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Feb-2019 - Questions Roundup

Why non-standard platform height ? (Lord German)
at the new HS2 stations, platforms will be circa 1115mm above rail height. This is higher than most current UK Network Rail platforms (which are nominally 915mm above rail height)
Disclosure of Non-disclosure agreements (Dame Cheryl Gillan)
"to the extent I can identify local authorities", 30 have entered into NDAs with HS2 (Nusrat)
Cost of Closures of Euston (DCG)
The Department does not hold any estimate of the cost to the economy of these planned engineering works. 
Bids for Old Oak Comon, Euston works (DCG)
[Will he] publish (a) the names of the companies that made successful bids to build (i) Old Oak Common station and (ii) Euston station,
On what date he expects the main contractors to commence their work (DCG)
Stage 2 of the contracts will commence when Government authorises Notice to Proceed later in 2019 and contractors will begin civil construction activities.
How much power ? (Lord Berkley)
What is the peak electric power demand for the operation of the planned number of trains per hour for HS2 phases 1, 2A and 2B meeting speeds and performance criteria that comply with the design specification.


Who runs HS2 ?

List of board members, minutes etc


Wendover rejects Noise barriers

"The idea of yet another set of 2 meter, to 4 meter, to 6 meter high sound barriers north and south of Wendover was appalling. There are real issues from an environment standpoint, a visual standpoint and an advocacy standpoint. "
( Mix96 )


Plans for a hotel and office scheme, which would also feature student and residential flats, in Birmingham have been revealed. The scheme would be built on the site earmarked for the HS2 Curzon Street Station if the project doesn't go ahead.

California Trims Its High-Speed Rail Ambitions

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is scaling back the state’s decade-old plan to build a high-speed rail line connecting its major cities in the north and south. (Wall St Journal - subscription only)


Harvil Road, NewYearsGreen and the Aquifer

Whats happening at Harvil Road ? Why is Sarah Green charged with aggravated trespass ? Read all about it ...

Five car crash on Harvil Road (MyLondon)

11-Feb-2019 - The Great Train Robbery

C4 Dispatches, and fallout

(And HS2 employ how many PR companies to attract this sort of coverage ?)


Property cost 5 times over original estimate

A Freedom of Information Response from HS2 Ltd forecasts that the final total for the cost of land and property on the London to Birmingham stretch would be around £5bn, five times over the original budget presented to Parliament.
(Stop HS2, Bucks Herald )


Station contracts awarded

Last year, the tender shortlist for a construction partner for the two southern stations was released. In a clear signal of how work is progressing, this morning I am pleased to announce the intention to award these important positions to a Joint Venture between Mace Limited and Dragados S.A. for Euston and a Joint Venture between Balfour Beatty Group Ltd, VINCI Construction UK Ltd, VINCI Construction Grands Projets SAS and SYSTRA Ltd for Old Oak Common. 

Jan-2019 - Questions Roundup

Panorama - property budget (Dame Cheryl Gillan)
with reference to the BBC Panorama programme of 17 December 2018, what assessment he has made of the validity of the reports on that programme of the financial situation of HS2
Cancel HS2 (Dame Cheryl Gillan - PMQs)
Why can we not face up to reality, Prime Minister, cancel HS2 and spend the money on the people’s priorities for transport...
On the question of HS2, it is not just about a high-speed railway; it is about ensuring that we have the capacity that is needed on this particular route, (Theresa May, negotiator extraordinaire) [Expres&Star, Building, Mix96 ]
Lord Framlington
 how many trees have been felled to date in London ...
whether they have finalised plans to link HS2 to Euston station...
how many properties have been affected by HS2; and what is the total cost of compensation...
what is their current estimate of the total cost of the construction of HS2.
you should be so lucky
To ask the Secretary of State ... when he plans to publish the barn owl mitigation plan. (Antoinette Sandbach)
HS2 Ltd has been working closely with stakeholders ... early this year. (Watch this space ...)
Additional costs identified through the ground investigations (Dame Cheryl Gillan)
Updated cost estimates will be published in our next updated business cases for Phase 2a and 2b.
(and when might that be ?)
Funding for the section of HS2 between Old Oak Common and Euston. (Lord Berkley)
Where third parties such as local authorities and transport bodies have requests for additional requirements ... HS2 Ltd is delegated to consider incorporation of these requests, subject to an appropriate funding agreement with the relevant third parties.
Properties in Chalfont St Giles (Dame Cheryl Gillan)
how many of the 38 owner-occupiers in Chalfont St Giles who were sent a Land Interest Questionnaire... will now have their land or part of their land taken on a temporary basis; 
How many Trains ?(Lord Berkley)
what is the number of trains, per hour and per direction, planned ... when Phases (1) 1, (2) 1 and 2A, (3) 1, 2A and 2B are operational.


Wind Power for HS2 ?

Wind farms could be built along the route of HS2 in a major resurrection of onshore turbines in Britain, under confidential Government-commissioned plans. ( Sunday Telegraph). See report on HS2 power requirement

Let's please pull the plug on HS2

It’s time to pull the plug on this project. The money freed could go on desperately needed infrastructure projects, such as improving the roads. (Telegraph, again)



|Support Sarah Green

CrowdJustice are campaigning to protect our water supply (see 9-Jan) Help (£MONEY) is urgently needed ...


Chaos at the Crem ?

Bosses at Chilterns Crematorium, in Whielden Lane, fear mourners may be late to funerals, miss them altogether, or funeral processions may struggle to get to the site if HS2 works are not planned effectively. (BFP)

‘Nobody knows’ what final HS2 cost will be

Speaking to the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee yesterday, Sir Terry Morgan said the HS2 project team may have to reduce the speed or the number of trains using the route. When probed on what he thinks the final cost to the project will be, Sir Terry startlingly said that “nobody actually knows yet,” prompting further concerns for the budget of HS2.

HS2 minister vows no 'betrayal' 

Chris Grayling (who else?) reiterated his backing for lines to Manchester and Leeds after the government's commitment to go past the Midlands was called into question.


Design Panel award for the Smalldean Viaduct - WTF ?

'The panel warmly welcomes the designs being developed by Eiffage Kier with Moxon Architects - finding much to applaud in how the design team has creatively embraced this sensitive context while meeting the demanding requirements of high speed rail.'

Funny, everyone else thinks its a bloody monstrosity ...

A letter to Lord Adonis

(From a loyal fan ?) Watford Observer


NewYears Green Protest

ACTIVISTS arrested for protesting against the HS2 rail development began their legal battle at Uxbridge magistrates’ court today. At the hearing the two defendants pleaded not guilty to the charges of aggravated trespass against them. Activists argue that the construction programme will also pollute local drinking water.


'White Elephant' cull ?

Big government projects seen as "white elephants" could be killed off under a fresh crackdown on public spending, Treasury minister Liz Truss has vowed. Which ones could she be thinking of ?
(Also -Politics Home, Daily Express)

Bin HS2 Now - Jacob Rees-Mogg


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