Electricity Transmission

Vote for Underground Cables !

National Grid is running a consultation on what their priorities should be. It runs until 25th August.

Transmission Line in the Misbourne Valley

According to National Grid, this consultation aims to gather the opinions of partners and the public, establish priorities, shape the topics of National Grid’s future engagement, and start the process of incorporating the views of the public into their business plans.  Topics being consulted on are:

  • Reliability of the Transmission network
  • Future role of Transmission
  • Connections to our network
  • The environment and their work with communities

This presentation outlines the issues under discussion..

Under the 'Environment' section, is the question -

"On a scale of 1-9, where 1 is not at all important and 9 is very important, how important is it to you that we…?

  • Reduce the visual impact of our new assets
  • Reduce the visual impact of our existing assets "

( See this page for more information about putting new cables underground.)

During the HS2 select committee hearings, we argued that since some pylons would be relocated, the power line through the Misbourne Valley should be buried - but this was refused.

Take the survey, and rate reducing the visual impact of
new and existing cables as very important.