Environmental Statement -
SES 3 and AP4

(See this page for the 1st round of petitions - July -September 2015)

Supplementary Environmental Statement 3
and Additional Provisions 4

See the Guide, and Index to (HS2 Ltd) documents. The CFA reports and map books are linked from this page. The Chiltern Society have provided a summary of the impacts on CFAs 7 to 10.


Stop press
The deadline for replies is extended to 23rd December - presumably as a result of the Chilterns Society memorial (complaint) about the late revision to Vol 5 TA
Can I comment on SES3 and the AP4 ES?
Yes. The Government is consulting on SES3 and the AP4 ES. The consultation will run until 11:59 on 27 November 2015.
Can I object to SES3 and AP4?
Anyone directly affected by the proposals in SES3 and AP4 may submit petitions against them in the House of Commons. The last date for depositing a petition against the proposals is 13 November 2015.

Locus Challenged ?

Verdict on 1st challenges ( S. Heath, Lappets Lane ...)

1. CHAIR: Order, order. Welcome to the HS2 Select Committee for our afternoon session. On Monday we heard locus challenges to a number of AP4 petitioners from Lappetts Lane and King’s Lane in South Heath. AP4 massively benefits South Heath and the Chilterns. Any dis-benefits will be minor. Petitioners conceded that point principally. They are still bothered by the Bill scheme but we’ve already dealt with Bill Petitions. We will hear about, for instance, traffic changes caused by AP4 from other petitioners including Bucks County Council and Chiltern District Council. We’ve therefore decided that none of the petitioners should have locus. In January we will need persuading other AP4 petitioners whose locus has been challenged suffered a genuine adverse issue with AP4 that will not be more effectively dealt with through local authority and other representative body petitions.

FOI requests

The AP4 documents were the subject of some FOI requests; here are the responses (received after the petitioning deadline) -

Vol5 TA - Table 7.33 errors
Table 7.33 contains the wrong data for the A413-A404 roundabout
Regarding the change in junction capacity between the Nov 2013 ES and AP4, specifically at the B485-A413 roundabout in CFA9. ( See original request for junction capacity figures )
Regarding the junction assessments for the new portal haul road, and the Rocky Lane-A413 junction. See also, histograms of traffic on Rocky Lane and the haul road, and the junction assessments (from TA Vol 5).

A memorial

The Chiltern Society raised a memorial, complaining of the inaccuracies of the data (identified in the 1st FOI request above). The examiners (of the AP4 amendments) accepted that the Supplementary Environmental Statement did not comply with Standing Order 27a of the House of Commons, and the deadline for responding to the SES was put back to 23rd Dec. Both the Lords & Commons Standing Orders committees will now consider what further actions should be taken.


The original complaint to the bill examiners
Of the examination of the bill. A previous memorialist has been ommitted
The complaint
To be presented to the Standing Orders committees



The Chesham Society


Chilterns Petitions

See the committee website, for a complete list, or this page for Chilterns Organisations & Locus status