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The trees, as they were ... (more pictures)

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News update from Lindsey, and a new (Bat) report from Sam Watson.

Leather Lane identified as a bat corridor, used by the endangered Barbastelle bat.


Failures to protect vital ecology and protect biodiversity at Leather Lane ...

A report by the Campaign to Save Leather Lane

"Leather Lane is broadly aligned west-east perpendicular to the A413, making it one of only three single carriageway roads across a stretch of land over 7km long between Frith Hill at Great Missenden to the south and Hale Road at Wendover to the north. Particular to Leather Lane though is the fact that it is also below the level of the adjacent land for much of its length; a ‘holloway’, and there is a continuous hedgerow along the southern side for the entire length of the lane. These two characteristics create a sheltered corridor and optimal conditions for bat activity and it is not unreasonable to suggest that the lane is unique when compared to the other lanes. Landscape scale features that provide high quality commuting routes are a key factor in the maintenance of local bat populations, providing sheltered corridors between roosts and feeding areas."


Petition Update

We demand that EKFB:

  • Stop felling until bridge design is agreed and bats go in to hibernation;
  • Seriously consider the design to route the overbridge to the Northern side;
  • Adopt the design principles submitted by the Chilterns AONB group and fulfil assurances to parliament by allowing a lane instead of a 2 way road, in keeping with the Holloway and Chilterns AONB;
  • Create a green corridor over the track cutting (to retain connectivity between the oaks)  for the bats to prevent unnecessary deaths and protect their conservation status;
  • Fulfil promises and legal obligations that HS2 and EKFB have committed to and are bound by in law;
  • Listen to the community and stop using excuses to sidestep key issues.


The Northern Route

The new Leather Lane bridge is to be built 'offline' - so that the existing lane can remain open during construction. This was planned to be on the South side of the lane ( to left on the map), possibly to avoid the Hunts Green Sustainable Placement area on the North side.

Way back during the community forum days, it was pointed out that this required the completely unnecessary destruction of the oak trees lining the South bank of the lane. As EKFB now hope to avoid the need for a temporary spoil dump (double handling costs ...), there is no reason why the northern realignment cannot be used, as shown on the map. The circular area excluded from the act limits, described as a copse in the Environmental Statement, is in fact an old chalk pit and can still be avoided.

One complicating factor is the absence of any speed limit on the lanes, which means that the bridges have to be designed for 60mph traffic, far in excess of the safe speed for the remainder of the lane.


Bat Report - Wild Horizons

6 different bat species were identified around Leather Lane, over a couple of evenings -

"It is conclusive from our findings that bats are evident along Leather Lane. The lane not only provides many suitable potential roost features and potential breeding sites for bats, but also acts as a critical corridor for these mammals in the local landscape."

Felling commences

HS2 contractors EKFB have started felling the line of oak trees standing beside Leather Lane, watched over by a few dozen thugs security personnel ...

... who are mostly standing around doing sod all

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Viewers may find some of the following scenes distressing ...

RSPB - Tree Felling

Jim Ashton - 9:26, 11:26 ; Mar 15 (Nesting boxes removed)

Mark Kier - 10:43

Harrasment of neighbours, Tuesday evening/night

At least we dont live in a police state ??

Leather Lane - Maps

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