Petitions to the
House of Lords Select Committee

(See this page for the 1st round of petitions - July -September 2015)

The Lords select committee

Their Lordships decided at the outset that they would not make any recommendation which would require an additional provision. Consequently, most petitioners scaled down their presentations, regarding the whole thing as a 'tidying up' exercise. Their Lordships, the lawyers and the HS2 suits were presumably still sufficiently remunerated for their efforts, despite this failure to perform the scrutiny which HS2 still requires.

The petitioners paid their own way, as usual.


HS2 Ltd issued 414 locus standi challenges (allegedly on these grounds) - listed here. The outcome of the challenges is recorded in the (full) list of petitioners. Most challenges were upheld, including those against all MPs along the route.

Chilterns Petitions

Petitions of Chilterns organisations will be listed below (in due course) :

Chilterns petitions to the HoL
Organisation Speakers Evidence
Bucks CC Mr Lewis, Cllr Tett, Mr Newell, Mr Mould p3-60 Slides
Chiltern District Mr Lewis, Ms Holden, Cllr Gladwin, p6-27  
The Chiltern Society Cllr Gladwin, Dr Bailey, Dr Conboy p12-33 A615
Potter Row, South Heath Ms Wharf, Mr Griffiths, Mr Hindle, Dr Hook, Mrs Williamson, Rt Hon Cheryl Gillan MP (p3-65) A635, A636, A638-9,
Great Missenden Parish Council Cllrs Hewitt and Johnstone, p28-62  
Little Missenden Parish Council Cllr Giles, Mr Cordiner, Prof. Payne p50-73 Slides
The Lee Parish Council Cllr Colin Sully p34-67 Slides, Exhibits
Wendover Society, Parish Council Mr Hindle, Mr Gayler, Mr Pallet p3-61
Ms Bulpet p62-70

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HS2AA presentations

Bucks CC Documents

(Promoters Exhibits) Hosted as a public service by HS2 Amersham group

Bucks CC evidence pack (23-Nov-2016)
Exhibit Description
BCC_01 Location Plan (Map of Buckinghamshire)
BCC_02 Construction Map (Hilligdon - Little Missenden)
BCC_03 Construction Map (Little Missenden - Stoke Mandeville)
BCC_04 Construction Map (Aylesbury - Steeple Claydon)
BCC_05 Construction Map (Steeple Claydon - Brackley)
BCC_06 Operational Map (Hilligdon - Little Missenden)
BCC_07 Operational Map (Little Missenden - Stoke Mandeville)
BCC_08 Operational Map (Aylesbury - Steeple Claydon)
BCC_09 Operational Map (Steeple Claydon - Brackley)
BCC_10 Gt Missenden Haul Road (Assurances)
BCC_11 Gt Missenden Haul Road (Sift report)
BCC_12 Gt Missenden -Package of Assurances
BCC_13 Gt Missenden & South Heath - Area specific information
BCC_14 Wendover - HoC Special Report (extract)
BCC_15 Wendover - package of Assurances
BCC_16 SoS Letter (McLoughlin - Lidington, re Wendover)
BCC_17 Iver relief road proposal
BCC_18 Iver relief road options (Map)
BCC_19 Community & Environment fund, Economy and Road Safety funds
BCC_20 Ecology & Biodiversity - Overview