Chilterns HS2 Community Liaison Forum 

"Members of the public are invited to attend the HS2 community liaison forum at the Chiltern District Council offices. HS2 and their contractors will give a presentation on the current work programme and future plans for the local area.

This is an opportunity to hear directly from the contractors, to understand their approach to the work and to ask questions to the experts delivering the work on the ground."

(Councils HS2 Information)

Frequently Asked Questions sheet (prepared by HS2 ?), handed out at the meeting


  1. Fusion
  2. EK
  3. Align
  4. AONB Review Group
  5. Bucks County Council Highway
  6. HS2 Community Engagement


David McCann

( HS2 Senior project manager, Sector C1)

Richard Calvert - Fusion (preparatory works, C1,2,3) - slides

Gt Missenden Haul road

Roundabouts (at Gt Missenden)

Wildlife Habitat Creation underway at Park Hill, Chalfont St. Peter

Fusion Construction Schedule, 2018-19 (s9)


Will diesel fumes from vehicles using the Haul Road impact air quality at the schools on the other side of the A413 ?
Why are Trees on the Link Road to be removed ?
Because their roots are compromised by the road widening
Why has there been no interaction with residents on Link Road ?
Our mistake, please see me afterwards

Simon Mathews - Eiffage,Kier (slides)

(MWCC , areas C2 & C3 )

Wendover Dean Viaduct (slides 11- 17)

Traffic (slide  19)

Stage 2 - site access from Mar 2019, completion by 2022 (Q4) see calendar

EK Construction Schedule, 2018-23 (s7)

Schedule 17 approvals

The HS2 hybrid bill approves HS2 construction works in the area defined by the bill. These works are submitted to the council for approval under schedule 17, but the council have very limited grounds to refuse such applications, and must also submit an alternative proposal. See this talk for details.

David Eades - Tunnel & Colne viaducts - Align (slides)

EK Construction Schedule, 2018-23


Are any utilities outages anticipated ?
Maybe brief interruptions during switchovers
Will there be noise pollution from Vent Shafts ?
Only ventilation plant ; -5dB
What about condition of Roads ? will repairs be done by BCC ??
See talk below
What happens about the Aquifer @ Chalfont St. Giles ?
TBM will manage …
Portals - will predicted noise profiles be made public ?
Yes, after stage 1
Borehole works on Whielden Street (for Amersham VS)
  • Poor site management, no signs,
  • Mud on road
  • Contractors parking in field
  • No traffic management - Safety concern ?
  • No reply from HS2 Community Engagement team
Should not have happened; HS2 will investigate

What progress with Sensitive Junctions (list agreed at select committee) ?
What mitigation will be done ? Is there enough time ?
See Transport Talk

Is there anything to report about Amersham ?
Not yet - but Little Missenden VS design improvements will be applied

Helen Hall (AONB review group)

Local Councils, Natural England, HS2

Rod Black - BCC Highways Update (slides)

Challenge for HS2 & Contractors to implement Undertakings &Assurances; Aim to minimise Traffic impacts, Safety the top priority


Priority Junction concerns - is there time to effect changes, before construction ?
Under discussion ...
How to control Rat runs'?
There is no HS2 funding for rat runs, and no BCC funding

Luke Nipen - Senior HS2 Engagement Manager (slides)

Comments ?

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